Hi all,

Bit of a dilemma, just recently semi bricked (5 BEEPS, system turns off) converting my console from DEX back to CEX, I have done this plenty of times through toolbox with ease though for some odd reason thought I'd try through multiman which ended in this silly brick. 

At the time of trying to convert I was on 4.30 and are unable to downgrade nor get in to FSM (factory service mode) with a dongle, I've been using a minimus usb dongle, was told that If I was on 3.55 at the time of converting with a brick that the dongle should and would have worked? I've been searching around and it looks like I need an e3 flasher? I've searched trademe and such sites with no luck at all, I'm located in the Hamilton area and just wondering if anyone would know anywhere that'd deal with flashing my console, selling an e3 flasher itself perhaps?

Was just doing a bit of reading up and it seems some people have just changed HDD's ( formatted ) and been able to access FSM, the drive itself where it states to install a firmware, anyone know if this idea will work?

Thanks heaps!