What is this simulator about?

This is rather a system simulator, not a game.

The main goal during development was to simulate what the operators of the SAM battalion could see, and hear during engagement.

The program is still under development, new versions are uploaded regularly.


Technical problems
What is needed, to be able to start the simulator?
Computer must be able to display resolution 1280x1024.

Program will not start at any other resolution.

Game play
How can I score points?
No points are given during game play, as in reality.

When is a situation completed?
When you switch the system off. (Please check attached documentation)

Some situations are cannot be selected, why?
They are under construction, not ready yet.

2K11 KRUG / SA-4 Ganef system cannot be selected, why?

    That system is under construction, not ready yet.

How to open the manual.
Manual is in “pdf” format, you need to have Adobe Reader v7 or higher.