Hi guys,


            I’m sure much of this problem has been covered in bits and pieces of other messages, but try as I may I cannot resolve this problem with my router and wireless network, so any suggestions and assistance would be appreciated.


In summary, the set up is one where I access the internet via Woosh using their P1D modem, which is then connected to a USRobotics wireless access point/router (model 8054), thence Ethernet cable to my desktop PC.


This works absolutely fine, as does when a laptop is also Ethernet cabled to the router.


My troubles start when using a wireless pcmcia card in the laptop.  The network connection is made and reports 100% signal/reception etc (well, it is on the same desk <BG>), BUT other than one time only, it will not connect to the internet.

Every time I open a web browser, I get the ubiquitous “The page cannot be displayed …” message.


The only time the wireless laptop connected to the internet was when I completely unplugged the power to the router and started it up again.


Also, after about 15 minutes, the network connection to this laptop just disconnects and nothing I can do short of a reboot will bring it back …. the applet indicates that it is “scanning” and I can see the channel numbers scrolling through endlessly.  Power saving is turned off and I can’t see any other timeout setting.