I have a pair of Anker Soundbuds which I have been happily using previously with my iPhone and recently with my Samsung Note 8.  These have been great little earphones, but today they won't make a bluetooth connection.  The Soundbuds have a neat feature that stops playback when the earbuds are joined together magnetically, but I noticed that today it continued to play music even when they were joined together.  Figuring it was some kind of glitch, I unpaired them from my Note and tried to repair them.  But they won't even show up in the list of bluetooth devices.  I've tried every thing I can think of - restarted/powered off my Note, made sure the Soundbuds are fully charged, tested them with another device (works on my Surface Pro 3), tested another set of bluetooth headphones with the Note (UE9000 - pair and play perfectly), which suggests that it is a specific problem with the Soundbuds and the Note 8, even though it was working fine until today, and I can't think what has changed.  I tried googling for a way to "reset" the Soundbuds, but there's nothing particularly helpful that I can find.  Some sites suggest holding down the power button (there isn't one, just a multifunction button which I figure is what they mean) while plugging in the micro USB cable.  I tried that several times, but it doesn't work.  A few occasions I did notice the Soundbuds appear to be in pairing mode (blue light flashing quickly), but it still doesn't appear in the list of available bluetooth devices on my Note.


Any suggestions?