Hi guys, I have a very annoying problem, I use checkpoint securemote client to connect into work and I cannot get it working over the wireless link.

heres my setup:

Dlink G604T + wirless: laptop
-> levelone firewall
  -> desktop
  -> DMZ

the desktop works fine connecting in, and that is with no port forwarding rules setup it still works.

I have a telecom mobile broadband cvard for the laptop, over which the vpn works fine.

With the laptop wired in behind the firewall the vpn works.

BUT.. with the laptop  connected to the wireless, no other connections present, the VPN will authenticate, connect and decrypt packets and transmit them, but according to the stats nothing is received. I can't do DNS lookups to internal hosts over the VPN but I still have internet access.

I have tried everything (such as makign the laptop a dmz off the dlink, port forwarding all ports to it, removing every device from th enetwork bar the dlink and the laptop.. yet still nothing)

I am convinced it is something with the wireless connection.. anyone seen this before? I am prepared to buy another device as I dont like having the router+firewall combo anyway, but I dont want to spend $$ to have the same problem.

Any ideas or suggestions?