Mmkay, it doesn't seem that anyone else can help, but here's my problem:

Said network card dropped me off my home network the other day. Attempts to reconnect failed.
I rebooted the system, and then my wireless software reported that no networks were in range.
About twenty refreshes later, the card found my network.
Attempts to connect involve waiting about five minutes  to see a failure notice.
Refreshing the network list will once again show no networks.

Nitty gritty:

  • I am well in range of the router (2-5 metres away)

  • The network is broadcasting.

  • I know the WPA key.

  • I've tried Windows XP's WLAN software, the stuff that came with the Intel driver, and also Ubuntu 10.04's default network monitor. All yield the same results, but the Intel one doesn't even try to connect. (just displays failure notice within a second)

Anyone else know that the deal is? It's probably dead now, but I can't afford to replace it..