Hi Folks

I have just bought a Ipaq HX2190 and want to use it with a Sony Ericsson z800i.

I have paired both devices, dial up networking etc, and everything seems fine.

I can get online, either as dial up or via GPRS. But my problems start as below :-

If I select file transfer on the Ipaq, it connects to my phone, then the phone asks for permission for the Ipaq to access files (I cannot turn this request off, but never mind).

As soon as I press Yes on the phone, the ipaqcan then see the directory on the phone but gives me an error message "BTFileExplorer - Unspecified Error" - It beeps and flickers once for each file or folder in the directory. I then have to close the error message once for each file or folder. I can access files this way, but get the error message for each folder I open then for each file therein.

I can use the phone to send files to the PDA with no problems.

I have spoken to HP, who have no idea, I have updated the software on my phone, and scoured the web for a solution. Can anyone help before I chuck it all in the bin? Please?


PS the Ipaq is running Windows Mobile 5