Sorry if I am doing something daft here but it is my first post :-)




I have a paradox EVO and HD 77 pir and am trying to activate the paradox insight app to remote control it.  To be exact, it used to work but somehow i was toying with the users section of the app and must have changed something.  The result is that whatever username or password I drop in the insight app, i get a wrong user or password error.  In users section of my panel (via babyware), I have the master user correctly set (all default) and yet the password still does not work in the app.


What I discovered is that if cold start the alarm, for few hours i can access the HD 77 from babyware normally.  Then it will give me an error that installer access has be disabled. Please enable using master via insight.


I did also full factory reset of the panel.   No Change.


Anyone has a clue how i can resolve this?  Unfortunately paradox dont want to help :-(




Thank you all