I bought a current Android TV not too long ago. It has the new Bluetooth remote amongst other things. I have not been particularly happy with this device and have posted about it earlier, but now something new has emerged.


I rarely use the remote as I don't like the way it works and I have installed a Flirc to integrate the Android TV with my Harmony. That works well for the most part, but occasionally I still need to use the Android TV remote for certain things (like recording). I just picked it up yesterday and discovered that the batteries are completely flat! As in, less than 0.5 volts each. This in spite of almost never having used the remote. I recall that the batteries that came with the remote were also flat and had to be replaced. 


So is this a fault or is there a secret switch I am missing? Why would the batteries (it needs two, one is not enough for it) go flat after a couple months of sitting on the shelf? Is the Bluetooth always on listening for my voice or something? I already dislike this device so am inclined to think the worst of it but maybe there is a genuine fault with it. Advice welcome.