Unfortunately my 15 month old Fitbit Charge 2 has developed an unexplained screen crack (this appears to be a common-enough issue), and as I bought it from Amazon I have no CGA protection. It still works but basically I don’t feel I can even wash my hands with it on any more in case it gets splashed. I’ve not been able to find parts or instructions for replacing the glass.

I’m an iOS fan and while I buy a new iPhone every year or every other year and hand down my old one, I don’t feel inclined to spend $700 on an Apple Watch.

I quite liked the Charge 2 and I’m considering the Charge 3 as a replacement. The $250 price tag is palatable and I like the close-to-a-week battery life and that it has pretty good water resistance. Heart rate monitoring is a cool feature but not important to me. Mmwouod anyone like to suggest possible alternatives based on experience before I make the purchase?