Hi All,


A while ago at work we purchased 7x iPhone 6S's.


I'm a long time iPhone user of various models of their phones. I've always been happy the the displays are high quality. Resolution on the non-plus versions are getting a bit long in the tooth, however things like color accuracy, uniformity, depth etc are usually excellent. My eyesight is not the best, but am planning on getting LASIK done at some stage.


After I'd been using mine for about 1 day I noticed that at the top of the screen (in portrait mode) it gradually became darker.


At first I thought it was a 'feature' of the software, with all the transparency, blurring, gradients, but it became obvious when you rotate the device in landscape that there is significant darkness on that edge of the screen.


After checking the other phones we brought, its fairly obvious that all of the phones we purchased suffer from the same issue to a varying degree. Some of them it is very faint, where you wouldn't notice it unless specifically looking for it, and even then it might not be worth getting replaced/repaired etc. My phone seems to be the worst of the bunch with the 'fade to black' gradient starting a few millimeters from the edge.



After doing a google search, it appears this is a fairly common occurrence. On the apple forums people are saying they have had to have their phone replaced several times before getting a good one.


It is seriously disappointing, you expect better from a device that costs this much. I'm going to start a warranty claim over the worst we've got, but I wanted to put this out there, to let perspective/new owners know to look out for this issue.


Have you got an iPhone 6S? Have you scrutinized the edges of the screen for irregularities? Is your device affected? How widespread is the issue?


Its 'funny' how these issues are never spotted in highly-trafficked online product reviews.