So - looking at the iPhone / Vodafone pricing plans we see that you have to do a reasonable hunk of linear programming and a huge amount of guessing to nut out an optimal plan, but at the very least you need to have some idea in making the trade off between the hand set subsidy and the the data plan wealth transfer, "how much" data you are going to burn.

All hands when asked how much data you are likely to use respond with brilliantly helpful stuff such as "it depends" (duh), "it depends completely on what you do." (evidently but...) and variants.....

I wondered if there are any kind of rough benchmarks which might tell us what we could expect with, say, 1 GB of data (which is one of the options). This is the sort of thing I had in mind:

email - without attachments, count on "x" for small messages
email - with attachments, up to you - look at the size of the files you are receiving now and multiply
surfing - hmmmm. Difficult but a site like Air NZ, or BNZ, or TVNZ, or Herald, Trade me takes very roughly x kb a page
youtube - just don't, ok?
video - ditto
google search - well, within reason maybe "x" kb without images
photos - another one you can figure for yourself since TIF, RAW, JPG etc all differ... but the size is on the file

This of course would be subjective, subject to error and all of that but..... it might get there in a wikipedia kind of way.

Without some idae you wander round scared of death by download with the thick end of $699 and $80 a month in your pocket.

Any ideas appreciated

If this is the worng forum can someone tell me where it ought to be - this is the one my last effort ended up on