I have A HTC Apache that I bought on TradeMe and don't want anymore.

I'm gonna be a nice honest person and say what the original seller didn't, the two batteries i got with it are pretty much dead, last fifteen minutes to half an hour with phone, wifi and bluetooth all on. I only use it as a remote for my PC (Salling Clicker), but I plan to get an N95 for that, so really I don't need it. Also I bought a 3rd party battery on TradeMe that doesn't even work.

There are a couple of slight scratches on it, and the battery cover is slightly loose. Oh and I bought it without a stylus, so it comes with a 3rd party stylus that I bought.

So here's what you will get:

HTC Apache with Windows Mobile 6.1
One 3rd party stylus
Two working (but crap) original batteries
One 3rd party battery that doesn't work
Original dock and charger
Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard and charger

Make an offer! =D