Selling snow chains as we have changed car.


Snowsweat Easy Fit


Never been used, the mountain was closed every time we went down.   I practiced putting them on the wheels and that is the only time they've been out of the bag.


Cost: $275


Selling: $200  (~25% off)


I'll leave this here for a couple of days so GZ get first crack and then try on trademe.




Use this link and enter the dimensions of your tyres and see if these are the right size for your vehicle.   The size of your tyre determines which colour to buy.  These are YELLOW


Pickup Auckland.




Copied blurb about Easy Fits below:




The Snowsweat Easy Fit is our most popular snow chain. It is a ladder pattern chain designed to be easily fitted without having to jack up or move the vehicle. For the last 30 years Kiwis have chosen these snow chains for their reliability, easy of use and durability. They have helped transport Kiwis safely from snowy roads and highways, crossing alpine passes and up to mountain resorts.

Best for:


  • Crossing alpine passes
  • Occasional trips to mountain resorts
  • Fresh snow, compact snow, slushy snow
  • Getting out of paddocks with wet grass
  • City streets, highways and secondary roads



  • 4.5mm case hardened D-link chain
  • Ladder pattern design
  • Designed, tested and made in New Zealand



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