Selling as it's a lot heavier than I expected to take into uni everyday, most likely going for an 11.6".

This was imported from Asia about a week ago (21/07/2010) and has barely been used. This laptop is perfect for work and play and can handle modern games at max settings. You won't find a laptop 13" or less that will beat this in terms of graphical power (it beats Alienware M11x R2, Envy 14).

This laptop is extremely high performance and I have tried Modern Warfare 2, Devil May Cry 4, Street Fighter 4, Resident Evil 5 all at max settings native res and it runs it fine.

3DMark06 score is about 7300. The 13" version has significantly more powerful cooling than the 14" and 15" versions as this has dual heatsinks and dual fans.

Only formatted to get rid of the chinese Windows 7 Home Premium and install an english version. However for the buyer I would restore the computer to its original state. Keyboard comes with some chinese characters on it.

Notable specs are:
* Core i3 350M
* ATI 5650 1GB + Intel HD Switchable Graphics
* 2 GB DDR3 Ram
* 500GB Hard Drive
* 13" 1366x768 Screen
* 1.8kg
* 6 Cell 66Wh Battery that gets about 6-8 hours browsing the net via wifi
* Keyboard Cover (Costs about $10US on Ebay)

Only the 5820TG is listed in stores in NZ at the moment around $2000+ with no sign of the 3820TG in the near future.