I bought a 2013 VW UP! a few months ago. I'm told it's one of 4 VW UP! cars in NZ imported to demo / test...and they decided not to sell the UP! here (but do in OZ) so flicked them off. Mine only had 7500-ish km on it when I got it from Renault. It hadn't seen much driving. Only actual owner (other than various car yards flicking it around among them) was a Unitec student for a few months. 


I love the thing. It has a 1L engine...awesome mileage and super cheap to run even though it takes 98 Premium. I fill it once a month whether it needs it or not. 


However......it comes with a "Navigon for car" (Navigon 70/71 model) GPS with the VW logo on the screen after boot.


I've only ever used Google Maps for Navigation, but I liked the way the Navigon device is integrated into the car's audio / media system. I can even play videos on it if I want to.


The maps in it are New Zealand from 2013. That's fairly current, but if you drive to Hamilton from Auckland the new Waikato Expressway has you racing across paddock after paddock and the Navigon is sounding very concerned I'm nowhere near any of the roads it knows about.  Today, I asked it to get me from Matakana Valley Road to Wellsford and the only way it knew was to head out to that beast of a 5-way intersection at Warkworth.....whereas I was already 10km toward Wellsford on the back route.


I've checked to see if i can get updated maps. The only maps available to me on the Garmin / Navigon "FreshShop" site are "EU44" and "EU22" ....in other words, European maps only. Nothing for NZ.


As this is my first experience with a non-phone GPS I have to say I'm disappointed. The device is barely 3 years old (the car is 2.5 years old)......and there are no software upgrades for it or new maps for NZ. This kind of abandonment is why I never went with Garmin, Navman or TomTom in the first place..... 


Maybe it would be different had I bought a stand-alone retail unit. But would it be any better than Google Maps Nav? 


I'm posting here in case someone knows something about these devices and maybe a way to hack it to look like something similar for which there are actually maps for NZ.