Anyone experiencing problems with a Navman MY50 locking or freezing up?
The Navman was purchased in NZ so came pre-loaded with NZ maps. Seems to work fine until I attempt to use other non-NZ maps

I've managed to lock up two brand new units by doing the following:

1) Purchase license for North America maps
2) Downloaded US Pacific and US East Coast maps from the supplied DVD to the MY50. For each unit I've first downloaded the maps to internal memory, then in a second attempt deleted the maps I previously downloaded to internal memory and instead downloaded them to a microSD card. Note that the map download to the MY50 works fine in both cases it's what happens next
3) Symptoms vary:
   a) Restarting the MY50, unit detects that there are new maps. MY50 displays "Updating Maps" and then just freezer
   b) Press "Find" on the screen. Blank backlit screen (i.e. white screen) is displayed, unit does not respond any further. Restart required
   c) Click on "Maps", change selection from New Zealand to North America. Unit freezes

Now here's the interesting thing. I can connect to MY50 back to the PC and delete the North American maps from the microSD card and internal memory, but after restart, even attempting to show NZ maps now fails

I've also performed a "Restore to Factory Default" but symptoms still persist

Have basicaly given up on the Navman in preference for another male but am interested to see if anyone else has experienced issues with the MY50 or whether someone from Navman trawling through this cares to comment? (Navman support site is woeful!)