So I've been getting a little annoyed lately while I've been gaming and my flatmates would happen to use the wifi to upload pictures etc from their phones to instagram or whatever. This is a problem because my ping fluctuates incredibly while I'm playing if this is happening, and I don't get to play very often with my limited free time. So i'm trying to initiate a QoS to either limit the upload rate of my flatmates devices or prioritise my computers upload rate when playing games.

Here is where I just kind of give up from my lack of education on the subject, but when I stare at the QoS section I get really confused at most of this crap.

I was wondering if anyone could guide me or lend a hand in setting this up, I'm capable of getting everyone's IP addresses, Mac ID's and I can get the ports of my game i'm playing, but the concept of "Destination IP" and "Source IP" (which probably makes perfect sense to some of you but for me I'm getting them mixed up), and pretty much everything else is really unclear to me.

My port forwarding doesn't seem to be working either, and i'm assuming it's either a firmware issue or I'm somewhat disabled in this department.

Image for reference, hopefully you guys can help me! Just explaining what each part to fill in requires would help me. I did read the manual as well and tbh it's pretty crap.