I have homeline telephony with Slingshot through a FritzBox 7490 modem.


It has been working ok for several months.


The FritzBox auto updated the FRITZ!OS to 07.01 on Friday, and since then incoming calls get "The number you have called is not currently active or is invalid". Outgoing calls still work fine.


The FritzBox System log shows that it is unable to connect to the autoconfiguration server. This may have always been the case though. I remember a bit of manual configuration when I set it up originally.




I've looked at these but I have extra options than shown in these posts. Perhaps one of the new FRITZ!OS 07.01 defaults is wrong for Slingshot.








Any suggestions?






Here are the settings as they currently stand.


Telephone Number for Registration: 094*  (obfuscated)


Account User name: 6494*  (obfuscated)