just wanting to see if anyones having much issues with AYCE now, i know theres a big topic about it but for my line stats i dont think its gonna matter too much

got a friend on AYCE, awesome speeds .. sat at between 1.8 and 2mb/s all day (or well stopping while playing online games etc) for the last 3 days this weekend so its really looking like SS have got the bandwidth pool covered quite well

i noticed single threads to international sites does tend to get limited down to 200K-500K on average depending on the time of day which is fine for me really

currently on 60GB on vodafone and thats prettymuch enough for us due to the line speed anyway so i don't see our usage to be too high, maybe 120GB or so..

just a few questions though

- i see the deal ends on the 23rd, does that just mean the 60$ deal or the whole plan isnt taking anyone after that time

- is interleaving off by default? 

- do slingshot block any ports?

im not expecting too much speed really, being able to max that whole 2mbs wouldn't be too hard at any time ild say... joys of living in such an area i guess :L

another question, is there anyway to avoid that 20$ rural charge? currently on vodafone and they most certainly dont charge us 20$ for our location.. i wouldnt class it as rural personally..

also would SS be able to move our connection point from the exchange to a conklin  cabinet, we got forcefully moved after an issue where we were being giving telecom ips.. rather lazy fix if you ask me, dropping speeds by pretty much half and ruining a perfectly stable connection :L (used to get months solid dsl connections) ... iknow that the conklin is limited to 4mbs uplink and would have a chance of being overloaded easily but its worth a trial for the doubling speed boost and the better line stats (would love to be able to have interleavings off but the stats currently are just too horrible)

thanks all