Hey guys,

Ok i m running into a very bizzar problem on the Media PC, heres a summary of what happened.

the Sunday night just been:
Set everything up sweet as, ran into troubles as i have posted in this post http://www.geekzone.co.nz/forums.asp?ForumId=83&TopicId=24566
I got that sorted out everything was working fine.

monday night:
got home from work and thought i'd turn the tv on:
"unable to start time shift: no free card" error, after stuffing about for a lil while i found i needed to installed the Hauppauge drivers again. So i did, watched tv happily for the rest of the night.

Tue night:
Got home turn the media pc on and i get a blank screen. tryed changing channels and the channel list was blank. so i reinstalled all WinTV programs, IR program, powercinema etc, re scanned channels and it worked sweet. i even restarted it 3 times to make sure it was working before i turned it off for the last time to goto sleep.

what do you know, turn on media PC and its "forgotten" i have installed the driver again. i had to reinstall the driver and now its working.

Petium 4 3.2GHZ prescott hyper thread
2gb of DDR2 667
Asus 8600GT
Nova T 500
WinXP SP3 with all updates installed
Media Portal 1.0 RC2
Hauppage driver off WinTV CD 4.6b from hauppage forum

The pc is and was turned off every night as no one watches during the day time.

Any ideas guys?

thanks in advance