i'm a french student so I'm new on this forum and in the country...

I'm not really aware of how TV works here I'm sorry.
I have a Macbook Pro (with XP installed as a virtual machine as well) and a Terratec Cinergy Hybrid T USB XS Tuner ( http://www.terratec.net/en/driver-and-support/faq_26073.html?selectproduct=Cinergy%20Hybrid%20T%20USB%20XS%20FM )

I tried to plug it on the wall coax socket > no channel (even if I know for sure that this socket works fine)
I tried with the ridiculously small antenna provided > no channel.

The softwares I tried: EyeTV v3.3 (on leopard) and Terratec Home Cinema (on XP).
Both show the same results...nothing!
Not even a noisy picture, nothing at all...

So I'm starting to wonder if this tuner could possibly use a different protocol than the one used for tv here?

Thank you to enlighten me.