OK frustrated here! I have just bought a magic TV freeview recorder and I can't seem to find ANY channels with it! 

We have an older (4 years) CTR TV which was picking up channels via the UHF antennae on the roof There are 4 (!) antennae connections wired in (no I have no idea why just bought the house) - and we tried 3 of them before we found one that gave us good reception on 1,2,3 C4, prime, trackside.  Assumed that should be good enough for freeview but apparently not.

I have the setup right - I just can't persuade th device to find any channel at all - though the antenae connection doesn't seem to be very snug - its slightly wobbly. We cycled thru the  3 antenae connection and 1 picked up some of the channels (all except TV1,2 ) but very,very pixelated (unviewable). However now when we cycle thru the options we get nothing at all.

Could it be that I need another type of antenae cable? Or some other type of antenae - I thought UHF was good enough (the one on the roof would be no more than 5 years old (the age of the house)

Any ideas? Or recommendations for an installer!