ACT! 2008
Word 2007
Server '03
C351 Bizhub

Trying to print to letterhead in the bypass tray.

The output of a mail merge into a Word template completely overrides any printer tray settings, and forces Tray 1.
User selects Bypass Tray when printing, to no avail.

In Word > Page Layout > Page Setup > Extra Options button > Paper, it says Default Tray (Auto). Setting this to Bypass Tray works, and overrides the printer driver settings (and resets back to default afterwards), but its not intuitive for the users.

Word Options > Advanced > Print Options > Default Tray, also allows an overriding change to be made on a permanent basis, but again, the driver cant override this, so its not really suitable.

As its stands, my users are happy, but I'd rather see it behaving as its meant to...

P.S. Every other application, including printing inside ACT! itself and Word 2007 itself (without ACT! starting a Word template) works 100% perfectly - users can select whatever tray they want, and its fine.