Hi Team,

We have excellent contractors helping as required, but I really want to bring that work back in-house.  I am advertising elsewhere for an experienced Junior or Intermediate tech, but I am also interested in finding a 1/2/3 man IT company who have a brilliant client focus but perhaps the business side may not working out for them, and they would consider letting someone else handle the business hassles.

I would be interested in bringing that person (and their small team) on full time and paying a commission for their clients that come across (which given the face they know is still supporting them, should be all clients).  Ideally the larger chunk of their client base would be businesses customers that are seen regularly.  It may suit someone who wants to take a different career direction but would work with us for a few months to transition their clients (maximising their commission).

The advantage to that person would be a more stable income (wage based with overtime - none of this 'your overtime is built into your salary' BS), and the ability to take a day or a week off without worrying about being called out by a client.  The ability to have flexible hours is an option (start early and finish early for example), and you would no longer be on permanent call as there is someone else to share the workload.

Drop me a message or give me a call if you would like to talk about this.

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