What's the point of all these different companies providing road services? A new privatised version of Transit may as well own the lot, why complicate things? What's the big difference between logging trucks, courier vans, buses and taxis anyway? They all have wheels and engines. Why have competing breakdown services? It's agony having to decide who to sign up with.

Don't get me started about the bloody government who insist that TransitCo has to abide by all those interfering road regulations - they're a private company, why should they be answerable to anybody for how they use their own private assets? TransitCo can self regulate, they did a perfectly acceptable job with road bullying, only one girl died!

Don't you dare call them a monopoly, you can jump on a train any time you like (as long as you stay within the 5% of the country that's near a line). And besides, others are free to build roads if they want. There's no such thing as a reasonable level of infrastructure investment, the more the better I say. The whole country should end up looking like a giant carpark!

Best of all: TransitCo have the power to fix traffic congestion once and for all. They just have to revoke a few thousand licenses (oops. didn't I mention they control this too?) and we'll all either be racing along fast, clear roads or happily sitting at home unemployed! Of course they won't do this because of the revenue impact, but isn't it reassuring to know that at last somebody has the power?