Ok this is a little odd. I've had quite a few trips to OZ recently and I always make sure my Telecom Galaxy S II has data roaming turned off. In fact I usually turn Data Off completely while i'm away and use another phone with a Virgin OZ sim if I need local Data.

Just got my phone bill which shows from around 9:50 am local time on my last day until I turned my phone off to fly out I was using 2c of data every 10-15 minutes.

I know that my phone re-booted itself that morning but didn't thing anything of it. I've just checked my phone today and found I have data roaming enabled.

Anyone here seen this before or have any other ideas what happened.

Luckily where I was staying had wifi which I was using and I only got hit up with $3 of roaming data charges, but I still don't understand how I did any data or how roaming got turned on.