Hi guys I'm having problems flashing a kernel to the above device ... Here's the story ... My plan is to fix this tablet into my car as a permant install I have researched this and in order to use an otg cable to allow for devices to be plug in and to charge at the same time I required a new kernel ... To which I have purchased but I can't seem to install the new kernel .

Here are the details ...

Nexus 7 gen 1 2012 Android 5.1.1 rooted and unlocked bootloader

Using cwm as my back up

Kernel to flash.. Timur's kernel .

This is my first effot playing with kernels So I maybe missing something but here is how I have proceeded so far ....

1 root tablet and unlocked bootloader using root my Nexus by wug fresh

2 download the kernel from https://timur.mobi/timurs-kernel-n7-2013/
And then move two zip files over to my nexus

3 enter cwm recovery and flash the kernel from there

It just doesn't look to be install I have emailed the developer confirming I have the right version for my Nexus (am waiting to here back )

Any help would be great .

Thanks guys
Andrew w