I had pre-ordered one, it looked so good. Back to the old saying, if its too good to be true, it probably is. Quote from the email sent:

I'm disappointed to have to tell you that the Kogan Agora has to be delayed indefinitely.

This delay comes due to potential future interoperability issues.

The Agora did reach a very late stage of development. Manufacturing had commenced and it was a matter of days from being shipped to you. However, it now seems certain the Agora in it's current form will limit its compatibility and interoperability in the near future.

One of the potential issues is the screen size and resolution. It seems developers will be creating applications that are a higher resolution than the Agora is currently capable of handling.

I am sorry for this delay, but in the interest of doing things right by the Kogan brand promise, and you, the customers, I cannot disappoint you by supplying a product that I am aware will shortly have significant limitations.

In order to fully appreciate the feature-rich applications Android developers will be creating in coming months and years, the Agora must be redesigned.

You will receive a full refund for your pre-order of the Kogan Agora. This will be processed within 7 days and automatically credited to your account.

I will continue to blog about the Agora (www.kogan.com.au/blog/) as we look to develop and release a new phone as soon as possible.

Stay tuned over the coming months for many exciting new products as well as a new version of the Agora.

Thankyou for your support and loyalty to the Kogan brand.

Ruslan Kogan

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