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# 166109 3-Mar-2015 00:59
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I have been looking at the latest release from Samsung, the Galaxy S6 and the 6 Edge.

On looking through the comments to various sites (this one included) I see people slamming the new phone for various reasons.

1. No SD card slot

Why do you need one when you have three storage capacities? 32/64/128
Thats plenty in my book. I have 64GB storage and I seldom need to delete items from the phone.
You have USB3 to transfer, that's pretty fast to move data about.
An SD card will always be slower than built in storage, so speed isn't a concern.

2. Non replaceable battery

The people that complain about this issue tend only to be the heaviest of users. Your average consumer can probably get 2 days out of a single charge where the heavy user gets less than 8 hours.
Its all about perspective. My wife's phone is often in the low 90% at the end of a days use....
If you need more power, get a battery pack. They are cheap and readily available.

3. Not waterproof

Good lord, you need your phone to be submersible?
If you're in the position where you need to take measures that you have a waterproof phone, then get a case that is waterproof, or leave it at home!
One day in the future they will make phones that are water tight, but while they have holes in them for charging, microphones buttons etc they're not all going to be waterproof.

4. Metal and glass case

Samsung have tried to move to a premium look and feel and people are still saying that the plastic cases were premium...
One thread I read was reading summed it up rather well.

If you have a premium car that had plastic panels on it and creaked when you drove it, would you still call it premium?
You don't see a Bentley with plastic paneling on the dash and the interior door trims do you?
(in case you don't know, a Bentley is a premium car, a Holden Commodore is not)

I personally think Samsung have done well to get to the S6.
I don't think the glass back was a good idea, Apple moved away from that with the 5. I have seen many 4 and 4S's with damaged backs.
I would imagine the S6 will possibly have the same issue.

I do like the way Samsung are finally getting the message that consumers want less garbage on the phone and more useability, ie crapware loaded onto the phone.
My Samsung Phone got the custom ROM loaded onto it as soon as I could to get rid of the junk. If I'm going to use Android, I want to have just Android on the phone.

The one thing I thought was interesting, the camera on the back of the S6, it's huge! People went nuts when Apple put out the 6 and 6 Plus with the lens jutting out, but the camera on the S6 is a monster! But I guess when you put a case on it, you won't notice it, much like the iPhone 6.

That's my thoughts, and I'll bet most of you will disagree with me, but that's your right.

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Uber Geek


  # 1249986 3-Mar-2015 08:25
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1. No SD card slot

Agree, this is daft. 128Gb is plenty when you have fast access to the cloud.

2. Non replaceable battery

Again, daft. If the battery has enough capacity, there's no need to user replace it.

3. Not waterproof

Now this is not great.  Other manufacturers are making their handsets waterproof.  A premium handset these days, IMO, should be waterproof.  There's no excuse.

I also think ports need to go away.  There is no need for a headphone port (bluetooth) or a charge port (wireless charging) or a data port (wifi/cloud/bluetooth) in 2015.

4. Metal and glass case

This is a good move for Samsung, the plastic has been letting them down.  Although a glass back, as you say, is not good, they should really learn from Apple on that one.

5. Camera

Another good move improving the camera lens system.  More MP doesn't fix a bad lens system.

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Uber Geek


  # 1249992 3-Mar-2015 08:29
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I think people are upset by the lack of certain features as they are what they have had in the past - people DO like familiarity.

I have read all sorts of comments along the lines of "If I had wanted an Apple, I would have bought one" etc, but they'll get over it.

128gb actually isn't enough for those people that utilise a phone as their primary music device - I have 140GB of music that I can't fit on my 128GB iPad or my 64GB iPhone, so I use playlists, but my ideal would be to have moderately compressed or uncompressed music on a massive-memory device (my iPhone preferably). If you travel you can't cheaply rely on the cloud.

Add movies etc and you quickly fill that space. I understand why people want hot-swappable memory.

Waterproofing came with the last one...clearly it was a failed experiment, so I understand it being dropped when there are excellent cases for this purpose, but I also understand people lamenting it's demise, as they probably love the feature on their S6...

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Wannabe Geek

  # 1249993 3-Mar-2015 08:31
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Yeah i 100% agree with you.

I had an argument with someone yesterday about the non replaceable battery.
They were complaining because they could not replace the battery at all and only realised that this wasn't absolutely needed once i asked them how many times they had changed their battery in previous phones.

The external SD card is also redundant now. Most new phones are releasing without an SD Card. Look at the iPhone for example.

I would have liked to see the S6 to be water resistant but that's not a huge feature for me. (I haven't needed it in the past)

So in all, i agree with you.

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Uber Geek

  # 1249994 3-Mar-2015 08:37
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As an S3, S4, then S5 users, dropping the long-established sd slot, and the more recently introduced waterproofing, feel like backwards steps, and are likely to deter me from upgrading. 128GB is not quite enough storage (especially given its not all usable), especially when travelling, and the waterproofing is a good confidence feature. Having lost two phones in the past to supposed water damage, I like the idea that if it rains my phone won't suicide (both Xperias ive owned died by being in my pocket while out in the rain.)

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Uber Geek


  # 1249995 3-Mar-2015 08:37
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The thing is that SD card storage is cheap so you only have to buy the  lowest storage model and add the card .  Now you have to pay the Apple type tax for more storage..
Removable battery wouldn't worry me as the Nexus 4 I use doesn't have one..




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  # 1249998 3-Mar-2015 08:42
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Waterproof phone, no, shoves the cost up.  (And you'll kill companies like Lifeproof ;) )

Splashproof, yes please. Im terrified of using my phone when its raining :-p

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Uber Geek


  # 1250015 3-Mar-2015 09:11
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Personally if 2 phones were exact in every way except one had:
- SD card support (I actually really like this, SD cards can get bigger in size, your phone can't.)
- Replacement battery, batteries go bad after time, so its nice you can replace it.  On my samsung s3 I was able to add wireless charging easily due to the fact it had a user replaceable battery.
- Waterpoof, not very important, but nice feature, if im outside having an impromptu water fight with my son and my phones in my pocket, its nice knowing it wont be damaged

Then I'd buy the phone with those features (or just one of them).

Same with wireless charging, lots of people dont see the point, but I don't want to go back to wired charging.


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Ultimate Geek

  # 1250063 3-Mar-2015 10:13
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1. No SD card slot

There is around a $300 price difference at retail shops to go from a 16 gb iPhone to a 128 gb iPhone plus this is New Zealand, we don't always get the higher capacity models and if we do they come a fair time after the initial release.

2. Non replaceable battery

I mostly agree with this but one thing I like being able to do is be able to pull the battery when things go truly pear shaped, this has become less of an issue with time but it's nice to be able to do it as sometimes turning it off with the power button doesn't completely cut the power.
One point about the removable back though is I've got wireless charging on my Note 3, it wasn't standard but I could buy a replacement back cover which added the functionality, non replaceable battery and glass back means no adding wireless charging if it's not standard with the phone.

3. Not waterproof

Splashproof would be nice as a standard but agreed if you want full on waterproof get a case or one of the many Sony waterproof phones.

4. Metal and glass case



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Uber Geek

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  # 1250075 3-Mar-2015 10:34
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1. No SD card slot

Why do you need one when you have three storage capacities? 32/64/128
Thats plenty in my book. I have 64GB storage and I seldom need to delete items from the phone.
You have USB3 to transfer, that's pretty fast to move data about.
An SD card will always be slower than built in storage, so speed isn't a concern.

But the S6 specs say USB2, not USB3? Have you tried transferring large amounts of data to a phone (specifically Samsung. Not sure about other models), especially at USB2 speeds? Nothing really fast about it.

3. Not waterproof

Good lord, you need your phone to be submersible?
If you're in the position where you need to take measures that you have a waterproof phone, then get a case that is waterproof, or leave it at home!
One day in the future they will make phones that are water tight, but while they have holes in them for charging, microphones buttons etc they're not all going to be waterproof.

No, they don't need to be submersible, but with manufacturers and repair companies using the "no cover, caused by water damage" excuse far too many times to get out of warranty repair, then making the main componentry of phones waterproof would give them one less way of getting out of their responsibilities. (Keep in mind if you're inclined to keep the phone in your pants pocket, or the ladies that keep their phone in their bra, then you're killing your phone slowly. With an unsealed phone, the temperature and humidity variations of being kept in a warm humid place like your pocket then removed for use etc will eventually cause moisture buildup inside the casing and then corrosion. Before corrosion occurs this same moisture will trip the moisture indicators that give them a reason to deny your warranty claim. Waterproofing may make your phone last longer!)

Other than that I tend to agree with reven's post above

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Uber Geek


  # 1250107 3-Mar-2015 10:55
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User replaceable battery - you will be able to replace it in the same way you can replace every single part of an iPhone, its just not a simple removable flap to get to it. For an iPhone its two screws and you have the back off which I'm sure will be the same case here.

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  # 1250117 3-Mar-2015 11:04
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My last two phones (HTC One M7 and Nokia Lumia 920) have both been fixed battery and no expandable memory, neither has been a problem with only 32GB onboard, nor have i needed to pull the battery, both phones have reset just fine by holding power button, and in the case of the M7 two years on the battery is still holding a full charge

Android is maturing in a way that majority would be more than happy with stock unrooted lollipop these days, most people just want a device that works and works well.

In my opinion iOS is at least a generation behind Android in many aspects and the gap is widening, having a powerhouse of a phone that "just" works will ensure further success for Android, the S6 will do this i am sure

People need to look at the big picture, Samsung have announces a powerhouse 64bit phone with QHD display all wrapped in a solid and some might say beautiful housing, it is a level above all other Android devices currently on the market, it is a truly a flagship......[ i want one :P ]

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