As Geekzone wont allow me to edit or delete the previous post (why?) here are the links to the HF Scanning receiver that you can control from your computer.


Access This Radio And Scan The Airwaves From Your PC!




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If you've never had the joy of owning a scanning radio receiver, but you've always wanted the opportunity to use one, help is now at hand.  I bring you news of a scanning short-wave receiver connected to the internet, which you can access and tune via your browser.  


Just head to and turn up your PC's speakers.  You're now connected to the radio, in the Netherlands, and you can scan up and down the spectrum by using the buttons on your browser's screen.  If you want to explore frequencies that other users have already stumbled upon, check out the "logbook" panel on the page, where you can view the discoveries.  Just paste one of the listed frequencies into the radio if you want to then tune in.


Thanks to the marvels of the internet and something called software-defined radio, the site supports multiple users.  Indeed, the few times I tried it recently there were around 200 simultanous users of the system, all listening to different frequencies.


So fire up your browser, head to and see what you can discover in the airwaves.