I purchased a Vu+ Duo2 from Germany recently after having issues with my original Vu+ Duos running out of resource regularly, crashing and generally being difficult to navigate, the latter possibly more because of poor image development.  

I fired up the new Vu+ Duo2 with a horrible and buggy Blackhole image (version now happily forgotten) that I laboured with for a few months until I had time,  when I reimaged and configured with the latest image from the UK openVIX site.  I have been blown away by the new image, everything works smoothly and seamlessly and its given me a new enthusiasm for the Duo2. What a wonderful super responsive machine!

I have in the past used a couple of old DM500's to enable me to spread the Sky Love around the house and feed some of the eight recordable tuners I have ended up with, one of the DM500's reads a 96a card (serial number starts 0000) using Newcamd and the other serves it locally using CCcam.  The old boxes are probably going to fall over one day soon and I pretty much set them up using good and bad forum advice and managing to fluke success, they've been running for around 4 years but I have never really understood the detail of the interaction between the cams, or how they work, so I have been reluctant to experiment with that setup.

Now that I have a lively and resource plenty Vu+ Duo2 I am quite keen to replicate what the two DM500's have done for me on a machine that may be better suited and it seems that an Oscam/CCcam setup is a common solution.

I have not been able to read the 96a card in the new machine, despite having spent a fair bit of time altering the relevant files and settings using advice from various forums. I have been manually starting Oscam first before firing up CCcam and vice versa, but will run a cron job if I ever get them working nicely.

What is the forum opinion on Oscam?  

Should I persevere or should I maybe replicate the old setup in a single box?

As an aside, the Vu Duo2 internal slot will not read my card but I borrowed my neighbours 963 card which has a Sky Basic sub plus a fulltime Playboy sub and it reads just the Playboy sub and not the rest of the channels, my dual DM500 setup reads his basic sub but not the Playboy channel!
What is happening there, seems Sky must deal the EMM's a little differently for adult channels?  Must say "the boss" has not been too happy with me checking channels when the only one working is Playboy, particularly seeing they seem to have their clips on "high rotate" and there's not many bunny ears involved.

Any tips on where to look for a solution would be great. I have researched over the last two nights and post this aware of the outrage some feel towards those that can't search.

There just seems to be so much posted that is irrelevant or just plain wrong, I'm not desperate just inquisitive.