Hi There


I'm currently migrating users from one flavour PBX to Freepbx.


I have a list of around 1800 speed dial references i want to import into Freepbx.
The list spans 100 sites of a single company that have over lapping speeddials.


This was supported fine of the previous flavour but it has to be retired.


Freepbx uses the phone number as the unique identifier in the phone module so in the speed dials list there can only be one entry per number.


The problem is 20+ branches may have the same number configured for multiple speed dial references.


When importing these any matches are overwritten.




Does anyone know if there is a OR function for the speed dial field that can be used here that works?


Ie "name";number;reference "A";123;1|2|3


speed dial *01, *02, and *03 all call 123




Any advice appreciated