I have spend the last three days researching and trying to figure out how to make the following happen (this forum may possibly be the only place where I can get the answer.

I have programmed a form in Visual Basic which displays the current system time (hh:mm:ss) once the application is running.
I have added a blank text box to the form (for the next step)

Now for the hard part:
How do I code the text box to use the current time and display (the current time) in words, inside the text box?
Example 1: (time is 22:50) I want the text box to show: "10 Minutes to 11"
Example 2: (time is 13:15) I want the text box to show: "15 Minutes past 1"

For the minutes: 0-30 I want it to display: ... Minutes PAST ...
For the minutes: 31-59 I want it to display: ... Minutes TO ...

I hope that is enough information for someone to give me an answer as to how this text box needs to be coded (Visual Basic code only Not C# if possible) in order to show the time this way.

Thanks in advance,
BTW: I am making this "Clock" application as my first project and really need to solve the problem above in order to complete it.