Hi, does anyone have a recent DrayTek Vigor with standard firmware working with IPv6, PPPoE/VDSL and DHCPv6-PD (or NA)?

To get prefix delegation working on my 2750 I modified dhcp6.sh to use ppp0 as the network interface (instead of the default eth1.2).

Ordered a new 2860 (to replace the 2750) and it was a fail out of the box with prefix delegation (shipped with firmware).

Upgraded to the latest 3.8.1 firmware and the options for prefix delegation and non-temporary address have disappeared from the user interface (still a fail).

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The 2860 is a black box with no shell access and poor documentation for the restricted DrayOS command line so I can't see if it's the same issue as the 2750. ie incorrect interface specified.

Does anyone know of a way to access the shell on DrayOS?

Prefix delegation works fine with the following:


  • 2750 with modified dhcp6.sh script to use ppp0
  • ZyXEL VMG8324-B10A (standard config)