Hi, all.

I have a new NetComm NB16DG dual-band router. I've had it for two days. The first day the wireless worked fine and we could all connect our devices to it and access the internet with no problems (two Nexus 7s, one smart phone, one iPod Touch 4G). The next day, yesterday, the wireless laptop could connect to the wifi, but none of the other devices could. The wired connection to my desktop PC is fine. Yesterday I changed the wireless password from the one it came with to my own; after doing that, all of our devices could connect and access the internet fine. But this morning, the same thing has happened. Can't access the internet. 

So, to sum up:

-can see the router listed on wireless devices
-wireless devices say they are connected
-wireless devices can't access the internet even though they say they are connected
-after changing wireless password, we were able to access the internet
-the next day, we were unable to access the internet again on our wireless devices (apart from the laptop, which seems to have no trouble)
-the wireless light on the modem says signal is healthy

What do you think the problem is?

Thanks :)