I've recently purchased a Cisco RV220W router for my business, and spent 2 days struggling trying to get it to work with my Telecom supplied 2Wire Gateway Modem/Router.

I wanted to have the 2Wire providing ADSL services, and for the Cisco router to provide DHCP/Firewall/VPN. I've been reading lots of posts regarding bridging the 2Wire, unfortunately most of them have been unsuccessful (like my experience). Unfortunately the 2Wire doesn't have a simple option to disable DHCP.

Can anyone recommend an ADSL modem that is easy to configure for this type of set-up? Perhaps one where disabling the DHCP is reasonably easy to do?

My hunch is that I need to do a bit more reading/troubleshooting, but unfortunately changing anything disables internet access for all users, so I have to do it after hours. 

Alternatively, are there any users out there that have successful configured a 2Wire/Cisco RV220W combo?