Looking to transition our staff from our current paper-based system (which is NZ4801 accredited and pretty close to ISO45001 level bar a couple of items). We (due to the industry) require staff to have onsite 2 massive folders with legislation, code of practice, company manuals, and policies before you even get into copies of licenses, SWP/SWP/JSA and risk registers. They also have a 30-page SSSP plus another management plan to complete for every site they go to.


We kill forests not trees :(. This part I cant change. What I would like is some feedback from people using something like this


- digital system for H&S documents onsite that staff can pull up on mobiles (android, apple). As we have over 100 different documents I do not really want to turn these into someone else's forms as this would be many months work as we have so many variables. Our system is already audited annually so I have no need for an off-shelf but online H&S system. 


- I am more after a digital H&S system that lets you upload documents staff can access as needed. Markup if needed and then saves and sends back the overwritten pdf.


- in an ideal world, something that does toolbox, accidents, inductions as well yeah I could grow that part but documents access for reference and document markup are the main things after. All docs are pdf based. 


End-user are not IT people so simple big boxes and ease of use are a huge part.