Recently, bought a MyGiga ATV400 of Trademe for $40.00 (auction) android box for my TV,

It conveniently arrived when I caught the flu, so have been house bound with plenty of time to use it.

Have to say I am very happy with it, it's a small box, not a stick, can use HDMI and has an rca type for older tv's, has wifi built in and ethernet, 2* usb and micro sd slot, also is rooted too.

Plays youtube faultlessly and clear over wifi (router is only about 4 meters away), is strange seeing a android interface on a TV (has its own custom interface which is ok, but can also install custom launcher it you wish), streams from my network great, surf the net etc, but the big plus is XBMC which I am still getting use to which finds any TV show, Sports or movie and streams it (quality can be up and down, depends on the source though).

Absolutely love it, XBMC needs a copy with HD acceleration though (12.3 or 12.x modded), came with remote (good in XBMC), AV and HDMI leads, manual. (I suggest plug in a wireless mouse).

Specs are not top of the line, but it had no lag,

Cortex A9 dual 1.5gh, Mali-400 GPU, 1gb ram

Down side is I am chewing through my broad band data.

Quite happy with it, my non smart TV is now smart.