I am really excited with this new Vodafone Red Ultimate Pack but I am too scared.

1. I have my phone with vodafone

2. Internet with WXC, but lately their service is really trashed. I wanted to move back to Vodafone. Thank god they don't charge early disconnection fee of $99.

3. If you sign up for 12 months Vodafone gives a free Modem (I dont need it ) They say fine we can have it, what a waste (they are really short in giving options) & connection worth $99.

4. I said I don't need a modem and do not want to sign up for 12 months, then you need to pay $99 for broadband connection fees (duh!). But I already have broadband, Sorry but you don't have it with Vodafone.

I am a bit confused here. Why would someone pay $99 to not sign up for 12 months, next why would he not get his free modem. No matter what you do choosing Vodafone will cost me $99 if it is poor decision on my part.

Orcon please get your purple+ plan setup at my area.