I'v been looking around the internet for the last few days looking for a cheap squid cache server for around $500 max, but preferably cheaper.

I would of thought that headless computers would have gone down in price more then they have. I'v found that allot of netbooks are cheaper then a mini desktops... Or am I missing something?

Some hardware specs i'v been looking at:
  •  ~100-500GB HDD (for the cache, planning to cache updates too, so will need lots of space)
  • 1000BASE-T NIC
  • dual core Intel CPU

I plan to install Debian (without the GUI) and access the server via SSH to setup the Squid proxy. 

Any thoughts on hardware? (and a place to get it)
I'm up for anything, laptop, desktop, netbook etc so long as it has the above min specs :) 

Also if anyone knows of any promotional deals going on in shops with similar specs at <= $500 I would love to know :)

PS, feel free to move this post, I wasn't sure if I should post this in the Linux forum or here...