Just to let everyone know that an old issue I had with the Tivo box not being able to negotiate with the EPG server has finally been solved by replacing the Spark HG659b modem with the new Smart Modem (on fibre).  


All other devices on the LAN worked fine as far as Internet accesses was concerned, but the Tivo refused to upload its EPG (and clock) always timing out at the negotiating stage.  Having been given a working modified Tivo a few weeks ago which exhibited the same symptoms I took this Tivo to my brother's house where the Tivo happily connect to the server via his VDSL HG630 modem which finally fingering my modem as the issue.  After a bit of discussion, the Spark expert team agreed to replace the modem.  Both Tivo's now working normally.  Still no wiser as to why the modem was blocking the ports required by the EPG server handshaking as it had worked previously.