Have a Bosch Soultion Ultima Alarm Panel   CC488PI  
I have no idea what the installer code could be.

Originally when I moved into this house I was given the 4digit Master Code and subsequently changed this and also the user codes I now use.

I would like to enable domestic dialling and have connected the phone jack on the system board to the phone line.
Previously Ive had a central splitter fitted at the POP.

On the system board there is a small button called Default. What does this do?  Have tried holding this down however perhaps not for a pre defined period of time.  Would this factory reset the board? Or would I need a tech to come along and plug in a laptop to reset the board?

Also another problem is that when I connected to the phone line, it manages to really make some crackle if I pick up my cordless and the dial tione is considerabley less.  Have tried using an ADSL filter as well.  Perhaps it could be the aging double adapter Ive used to connect the male to male extension line. (just using the extension as a test before I hard wire from the panel to a jack point. 

Any ideas????  Espcially on how to either reset or obtain the installer code. 
I found a reciept in the panel for the company who installed the panel, however it does not have any applicable information apart from a panel number (Chubb). 

Havent tried calling Chubb yet....  most other companies are suggesting a visit to reset the panel. If all they will be doing is pressing the reset button...then  HMMM  I can do this myself and then use the default installer code thats in the user manual.  Mind you then Id have to learn how to enable domestic dialling.