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This forum has a special set of rules established to make it a safe place - so make sure you read this before posting. 


  • You're welcome to post a new topic for each bargain or deal you found around the web, available to our users. Posting each bargain or deal on its own topic will make sure people can follow only the discussions they are interested in.
  • This is not a commercial forum. We don't accept spam, pyramid offers, affiliate link drops and similar posts. These will be removed, the user banned and the account information (username, email, IP address) added to a database of spammers. 
  • If you work for a company offering a bargain or deal you must disclose the information. If you work for a company and joined just to post a bargain or deal, you are out of luck as your account will be banned. This is not an advertising forumIf you wish to arrange a special offer for Geekzone membersPM freitasm 
  • Geekzone is not responsible for the Bargains and Deals posted. We do not screen or maintain a feedback system (although you are welcome to reply to posts with your impressions), so be warned. Geekzone also do not charge for posts in this forum.
  • If you go off topic (for example you post about a discounted Android device being available in a certain store and start a discussion about a technical issue) then you're out of luck. If you want to discuss the product or service itself asking for more information it is better to create a new topic in the appropriate forum where other users might be lurking - not everyone will be reading those discussions here.
  • Please post as much information as possible. Make sure you post a reference/link.