Hi All

For those gurus with Oscam and DVB Viewer to watch sky thru their HTPC.
I have the following
Win7 64bit
Oscam v1.20
Media Centre.

Been working fine with Sky, with the exception of not updating entitlements. (I'm still trying to sort my settings for this)
However, my entitlements expired 4 days ago.
And I still can watch sky. Oscam reports that their are no entitlements, and my sky box tells me that I need to contact Sky.
***Please note - I am not postings settings  etc and this is not intentional - it has happened somehow and I want to correct it***

Any ideas? I thought if it found the entitlements expired it would stop? I tried removing the card entirely - stops working.
Also some help on the EMM settings would be good. I was gonna try some changes then see if when sky sent a reboot it would pick it up.
If mods or senior members want to contact me about fixing this via pm or email would be fine. I will not be posting settings on the forum in case I have somehow (accidentaly) enabled this issue.
Thanks for any help that you can give