Hi there

Wondering if anyone can assist with a problem I'm having with the double up feature for two UE Boom speakers.  Both speakers have been updated utilising the Update Assist programme. Both speakers are new (purchased yesterday) and both play perfectly on their own.

I've followed the Logitech instructions over and over to double up the two speakers , both using the app (ensuring the double lock on the app is set at 'enable") on my Samsung Galaxy and manually (pressing the volume up and bluetooth buttons simultaneously) with no success.

I can get to the stage where both bluetooth indicators are flickering on each speaker and that's as far as it goes . The indicators do not stay solid white and music continues to play on only one speaker.

Spent hours on this and can only get sound from either one speaker or the other , not both simultaneously.

Has anyone had any experience with running two of these speakers together and could offer any suggestions as to how this could be resolved ?