I usually don't complain about a service, but working in customer service myself, I have found the Vodafone call centres to be absolutely pathetic.

Every time I have called Customer Services has been terrible.

I called the other day to check a $40.00 credit had been applied to my account (4th month running I had to check up on it)

I asked the rep. "Can you please check my account and make sure the last Rep I was speaking to added a $40.00 credit on my account for incorrectly added ETC's"

She put me on hold for a couple of mins came back and said
"The last payment you made was $120.00 on the blah of December"

I repeated my instructions and she replied with the same answer.
After the third request to check for a $40.00 credit she got it.

Thats not too bad but I have found my billing has been totally messed up and want to view my bills from around May/Jun 2006 when I first experienced unnecessary ETC's untill this month.

The Rep told me to view it online.I asked her to direct me to the place online. Again on hold.
Came back and said "You view on My Vodafone OK"
I advised her I am there but cant see a place to view my bill
SHe replied again "You view on my VOdafone"

Exasperated I asked for the copies of my bills to be sent and she said thats fine they are $5.00 each.
I don't mind being charged, I would have thought maybe $10.00 at the most as it is there screw up but no.

I'm just so sick of reps not keeping their word or taking ownership for problems or the calls they receive.
Most of them are foreign which is not a problem with me, but when they can not understand what I'm saying thats just plain frustrating. I don't talk weird either if thats what you think I work in a call center and don't have a prob ewith people understanding me.
Rant is over, had to get that off my chest.