First time user here, I hope someone can help me.




I have a Vodafone Ultrahub on a fibre connection. I have always had intermittent issues with devices connecting to it but now it is much worse.


I can connect without issues to my pc, laptop, 3 phones, ipad, tablet, printer, chromecast to TVs and wifi to TV. However the devices such as  2 robot vacuum cleaners, and 3 security cameras sometimes connect but mostly just don’t connect.


These devices use the 2.4GHz band and I can connect my phone to this band ok. If it  was just one device, I would think that was the fault however with all the devices having issues, I am suspicious of the UH. These devices are in the same room as the UH so distance isn’t a factor.


I can see in the other forums that the general opinion is that the UH is better than 3rd party routers, does anyone have any suggestions of what I can do to make this work better for me ?