Hi. Actually 2 problems.
First Western Digital RED 3tB drive almost year old.  Stablebits Drivescanner reports although smart not reporting immediate problem (cant remember exact rest.)   Smart reports "current pending sector count.  1 sector unstable).

 Does this mean hard drive on way out already.

Second error WHS 2011 connector in Windows 8.1 with all updates.  Was working fine now comes up connector update and keeps trying but after looping for a while says cant update. Annoying thing is about every 30 seconds alert message keeps coming up saying updating  and parts of launchpad will be unavailable. Then you cant do anything until you shut the window down.   Then I use task manager to stop the update.  When restart go through whole process again.  Cant find anywhere to cancel updates for whs connector. Not sure if anyone has come across failed updates attempts. Cant find any on google.  I may even uninstall the connector from this computer if cant find a fix