So a number of years ago (5 years?)I was with fullflavor for VDSL and I must admit I had some issues that I voiced here in regards to packets being dropped and latency so I did say a few words about them on here and moved along to another isp.


However fast forward a few years and my life's circumstances took a drastic change so I decided to try out being a nomad for awhile long story short I ended buying a brand new caravan and found out about RBI being able to be used portably (thanks coffeebaron) I decided to give fullflavor a go again as there plan suited me the best and I have to say after using it for coming up 5 months what a change. Fullflavor sent the modem promptly sorted out a minor issue when I first got the modem all promptly and has been absolutely smooth sailing from here. 


So fullflavor A+ I would hate for anyone to read my previous comments 5 years ago on the ISP and take it that as being what the ISP are like today.